Throughout my life I’ve played a lot of different roles, but kept my life goal the same: to know God and to make God known. I’m an eternal optimist and I take my playfulness seriously. My wife, Kendra, and I have been married since 2009. We have a great dog with a lot of energy named Roxy and are currently living in Martinez, CA. Our daughter, Zoe, was born in May 2013 and will be crowned Ms America in 2031. My greatest joy comes from spending times with family & friends, being active, and sharing God’s grace.

I want my life to tell one magnificent story.

I like to think I have the most unique name ever: Ralph Andreas Supper III. But, I’m obviously wrong because my father and poppop share the name. I’ve always appreciated something about the legacy on my name though and wanted to maintain that. Along with the cutesy nickname, ralphy, the title really portrays my whimsical, sing-songy personality.

Through life’s joys and struggles I’ve maintained an optimistic perspective grounded in my faith in God through Jesus. Both postures look up. I like to remind myself of that in all my correspondences and share that sense of goodness with whoever I’m connecting with. I like to think it gives them a sense of peace and joy amidst their day.